Consign With Board of Trade?

Review & Price

We work by appointment only. Call 770-640-7615 to schedule a time with one of our experts to review your home décor, designer fashion and/or jewelry. Same day appointments are often available. If you would like the Board of Trade to review your items before your appointment, you can email digital pictures to We do make home visits and closet calls for large quantities of items.

Sign & Sell

The Board of Trade and its consignors sign a contract. Your items will be priced according to current market value and not retail value. We are happy to discuss pricing with clients on specific items. You will receive and itemized inventory via email. The Board of Trade carries items on consignment for a minimum of fourteen weeks, and they may stay longer if necessary. We sell the majority of new inventory within the first four weeks. Your item(s) will remain at full-price for a month, after which the price is reduced at regular intervals. Exceptions to the mark-down policy are made for truly outstanding pieces that may take a while to find the right buyer.

Receive Payment

The Consignor receives 50% of the selling price for items that sell for under $500. (Sixty percent for items that sell over $500). Consignors may use their share as store credit at any time. Checks over $25 are mailed each month for the prior month’s sales.